SEO Trends for Toronto Companies 2013 Forecasting

Outstanding list of the Top Toronto SEO Trends for 2013.  Much like David Letterman these are the top 10:

  1. Local SEO geocentric marketing
  2. Google + Profiles
  3. Google + Profile Appearances for SEO
  4. Social Media Impact
  5. Google + Insurgence with Social Media
  6. Mobile Search Engine Optimization
  7. Value of WordPress- Blog Impact
  8. SEO going Social
  9. Google Algorithm updates- SEO shift
  10. Organic SEO dominance over SEO software

The highlighted list built by Toronto SEO Guru: Colin Bhimsen.  Search Engine Optimization – SEO has taken a dramatic shift for Toronto companies.  Everything has gone social.  Leaders are forging new steel in social media.  Laggards are dwindling behind in search result pages, unaware of Organic SEO impact with their companies, until competitors advance.


By: Colin Bhimsen

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