Multi-level marketing (MLM) Companies Toronto Canada

What Is Multi-level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing is a plan for the distribution of products whereby participants earn money by supplying products to other participants in the same plan. They, in turn, make their money by supplying the same products to other participants.

Fact: Multi-level marketing (MLM) earners in the United States are the second highest paying individuals behind pro sports athletes, top earners earning millions.

Looking for Prosperous MLM Canada opportunities?

One of the top challenges to finding MLM companies in Canada is the fact that most stable network marketing opportunities with a proven track record are based in the United States.  Hence the success of Americans and the gap between rich and poor within certain States.  When it comes to hot MLM opportunities in Canada and for that matter Toronto, nothing compares to the boom VEMMA from Scottsdale, Arizona is about to unleash in Canada.

Vemma Toronto has exploded with new brand partners coming out of the woodwork!  Founded by Canadian BK Boreyko, Official Drink of the Phoenix Suns, Charlotte Bobcats posting sales of $117 million dollars in 2012, the company is poised to expand massively in Canada with Toronto’s Verve Energy Drink set to make brand partners millions similar to the YPR movement in the United States in 2013.



MLM’s are designed as alternatives sources of income for people to make money.  The whole concept stems from the large corporation avoiding marketing costs and utilizing the individuals belief in acquiring wealth via word-of-mouth-marketing, highly successful.  Amway, Mark Kay, ACN, VEMMA they all do it and have been around for many years.  Truth be told, MLM companies are real and not a scam, scheme, pyramid or delusion overseen by the Direct Selling Association‘s Code of Ethics.  Canada’s top earners have had an open mind to earning a better lifestyle and simply never quit.

By: Colin Bhimsen

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